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Yam Berry Cream (formerly Wild Yam Cream)

Yam Berry Cream (formerly Wild Yam Cream)

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Wild Yam has been shown to improve sex hormones, lipids (cells) & antioxidants. This could decrease breast & other cancers. Wild Yam is known to ease menopausal symptoms, balance hormones in men & women & may cut risk of heart disease in post menopausal women. It's also used to treat arthritis, diabetes, muscle spasms & asthma. *

Our Yam Berry Cream has been shown to be an effective skincare cream as well. Reports show that creams containing wild yam reduced the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines & allowed the skin to retain much more moisture, while also helping to fight hyperpigmentation. Our cream also contains chaste berry, cramp bark & castor oil to help ease discomfort & provide much needed nutrition to your skin & body.

This cream is a rich, smooth, pleasant smelling cream that absorbs easily. To use it apply it along the inside of your wrist/arm, also along the lymph glands under your arm or rub it on your stomach to help treat cramping & discomfort. Studies have shown that using Wild Yam topically allows it to be absorbed into your system at a rate of over 400% more than using oral supplements. 

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