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Smitty's Wood & Leather Cleaner

Smitty's Wood & Leather Cleaner

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Smitty's Wood & Leather Cleaner is designed to not only clean, condition & protect your wood & leather goods, it also helps to smooth & blend small cuts, dings & dents on the surface of those items. 

This cleaner does an excellent job cleaning wood, leather, vinyl & many other surfaces.

We recommend that a small area of the item that is going to be cleaned is spot tested in an inconspicuous place to check for discoloration or staining before using in larger areas. 

To use: For wood finishes - apply a small bit onto a rag, steel wool or cleaning brush & scrub the surface. To clean & condition leather, apply a bit onto a soft sponge or rag and buff clean.

No need to rinse, just buff your wood or leather goods to a clean shine!

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