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Troubled Skin Hydrating & Clearing Serum

Troubled Skin Hydrating & Clearing Serum

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Everyone's skin needs hydration. Especially skin here on the Western Slope! To say it's dry here is like saying the mountains are vast! Well, yeah! The Sun is three inches from our head (figuratively, ok?!) and consequently our world is dry. Dry, dry, dry. Skin issues tend to be amplified here & if you have what is often called "oily" skin, you may be prone to more blackheads & acne breakouts. But because of where we live, hydrating or moisturizing your skin is still really important. Not doing so will lead to more problems. If you have either mostly dry or mostly oily problem skin you know what I'm talking about. So we needed to find out how to moisturize without creating more skin problems.

The "oil" secreted by your skin isn't oil at all. It's sebum, made by your body to expel dirt & contaminants & to protect your skin. When too much sebum is produced you're likely to have breakouts & other skin issues. Excreting less sebum & keeping the surface of your skin in good repair will help to keep acne at bay.

There are many reasons for acne breakouts so one product probably can't solve all skin problems. Some acne related issues are very serious & should only be treated by a licensed professional. But our Troubled Skin Serum may help to exfoliate & moisturize even problem skin without clogging pores & creating more issues. 

The ability of this product to actually remove dirt & toxins from your skin, while moisturizing & conditioning can make a big difference to the appearance & texture of your skin.

Packed full of moisturizing, but also exfoliating oils, regular use can help to fight acne while helping to hydrate & condition your skin, too. And it's easy! Just wipe it on and wipe it off!

Taking good care of your skin can never be a bad thing. 

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