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Wildly Herbal Hair & Scalp Soothing Rinse

Wildly Herbal Hair & Scalp Soothing Rinse

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Using our own small batch apple cider vinegar as a base, we've created this rinse to help restore a healthy balance to your hair & scalp. It's easy to strip the naturally occurring beneficial oil from your scalp by using too much product, the wrong product or just by being out in the elements. Our Hair & Scalp Rinse is designed to help restore the health of your scalp & hair, but also to help maintain that healthy balance with regular use. 

Besides our awesome ACV, we've loaded up this rinse with hair healthy jojoba oil & a whole harvest of locally grown herbs like calendula, chamomile, nettle, peppermint, rosemary, sage & thyme! All produced to give your hair the nutrition it craves along with a beautiful shine & good behavior to match!

Shake first, then apply liberally to hair. Yes, it smells vinegar-y fresh out of the bottle, but the smell doesn't linger long. The spray can be used on wet or dry hair, but best results happen when hair is slightly damp/almost dry. Do not rinse it out. Dry your hair & style as usual.

And NO, it's not going make your hair smell like pickles! Promise.

But it will smell clean & fresh.

Because we like that.

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