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Smittys Native Oil (formerly Herbal Pain Oil)

Smittys Native Oil (formerly Herbal Pain Oil)

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Due to rules recently being enforced by the FDA, we have had to change a few of our product names.

Smittys Native Oil is the result of that name change & more closely reflects the true history of this blend.

Our Herbal Pain Oil came to be (like many of our products) because what was available to us wasn't working. In this case it meant that the "painkillers" being prescribed were not only ineffective, they were actually causing several health concerns.

Change had to happen.

This recipe is an old family recipe, originally of Sioux heritage, then handed down by Smitty where it was twisted & wrangled by us. It's now a better & more bio available product.

The herbs & oils used in this blend combine to form powerful alliances to aid in relaxing pain.

This is an external oil, massage it in where it can do the most good, do NOT take it internally. It won't kill ya, but it won't taste good! Now I KNOW for a fact that some of you are going to taste it right now. DON'T. Really. Among so many things it has arnica in it. Arnica is great at relieving overworked muscles, but it's not to be taken internally. Like almost never (of course there are exceptions to everything). Don't do it. And besides, this oil is really great at doing what it should do, so why waste it? Rub it where you need it much as you would a good massage oil. It's safe to re-apply as needed. Safe for kids & adults, but again, don't eat it. 

Smittys Native Oil contains a whole host of oils & herbs, steeped, distilled, infused, blended & infused again. It's a long process that's designed to get every single bit of goodness out of the oils & plants that we use. We're greedy like that. And we grow most of these plants so we're growing for nutritional value as well. Good things in means good things out.

We use Olive & Grapeseed Oils & then a whole host of whole, mostly locally grown herbs. Those are Feverfew, Vervain, Mullein, Elderberry, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Horsetail, Pau d'Arco, California Poppy, Goldenrod, Lobelia, Rhodiola, Corydalis, Frankincense, Arnica, Balm of Gilead & Willow Bark. We also add Basil, Sweet Marjoram, Peppermint & Helichrysum Essential Oils.

We list ALL of the ingredients in our products so that you can make an informed decision on what you & your family choose to bring into your home. We would like to remind you that not every herb is meant to help everyone, & not every illness, symptom or disease is receptive to any herbal treatments.

Freshness is always important when dealing with natural solutions. Please use this oil blend within six months of opening for greatest efficacy. 

At smittyslittlefarm we try to make products that help other people the same way those products have helped us. No more, no less. Because we need these things. And we've found them to be helpful. But please, always do your own research & if you have any adverse reaction, allergic or otherwise, please discontinue use & seek medical advice if necessary. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sheryl Williams
Amazing product

I am just amazed and how helpful this oil has been for me. After having a huge cramp in my upper thigh I was experiencing all kinds of weird nerve pain from hot and cold, aches, and tingling sensations that made it difficult to sleep. I started applying the Smitty's Native Oil and in 4 days my pain and sensations were almost gone. I still apply it before bed. I am so grateful for this marvelous product. Thank you.

We're so glad that our oil works well for you. It works for us too! We greatly appreciate you & thank you for your purchase!


This is the second time I've made a purchase, I love their products ❣️

Thank you so much for your purchases & we hope to continue to help!

Trudy Hanley

I have chronic pain so have tried many things and this native pain oil works really well after about 15-20 minutes I can really notice the difference. So I would definitely recommend.

We're so glad this is helping you. It helps us too! That's the only reason that we make it is to help a few more people get a bit of relief if they can. Thank you for your kind support!!

Judith Klippert
Native oil

Incredible product! It truly works to relieve pain in a very short period of time. I was amazed by this product. And it smells really good too. After I tried it I recommended it to my daughter and two of my sisters and they all bought it immediately. Great company great owners. I highly recommend this product.

We're so glad that this oil works for you. It works for us, too! Thank you so much for passing the word on to your sisters, too. We know that being able to get some relief to sore & aching body parts is a great thing!