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Skin Guard Balm with Lanolin (formerly Lanoline Blend Salve)

Skin Guard Balm with Lanolin (formerly Lanoline Blend Salve)

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Using lanolin as skin care has probably been happening since shepherds first herded sheep. Our recipe gives a nod to those simpler ingredients, but also embraces the benefits derived from a more unique combination. Our Skin Guard is an all natural blend of lanolin, coconut oil & local beeswax with some rich butters & locally grown calendula. This makes for a thick, creamy, healing skin protectant. Use this when your rosy red cheeks need to fight off the dry air & bright sun of Winter, use it for easing symptoms of rash or irritation or for calming your sunburnt lips, nose & ears. 

Lanolin is truly a wonderful gift that keeps your skin soft & hydrated while also creating a barrier that keeps moisture in & impurities out but doesn't clog your pores. Combined with hydrating coconut oil, soothing nilotica & conditioning mango butter this lanolin blend can help to nourish & protect overexposed, chapped, dry or peeling skin. Our Skin Guard is great to use on lips, elbows, feet, etc. & it's safe for children & adults. It's edible too. Because kids. (Doesn't mean it tastes good!)

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