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Herbal Head Balm

Herbal Head Balm

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For the small daily head niggles it doesn't seem like a good idea to send a bunch of pills through your system if you don't need to. This balm can help relax the tension & throbbing in your head. Our Herbal Head Balm contains juniper, rosemary, comfrey, cayenne & ginger. Nothing complicated. Nothing fancy. 

Rub this traditional recipe on your forehead, temples, inside your wrists & elbows, under your nose and for some people even in your armpits where you have many receptors.

This balm is designed to help your head relax & find calm, which can stop many headaches within minutes.

Available in stay-at-home & pocket sized tins to provide relief when you need it. 

If you suffer from migraine headache you might also want to try our Magnesium Oil Spray. Many people find that the relaxation effect is enough to soothe the headache away.

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