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Golden Emollient Cream

Golden Emollient Cream

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Our Golden Emollient Cream may be the only moisturizer you'll ever need. This cream is rich in oils, but not oily. The thick bodied & creamy texture absorbs nicely. It has a delicately pleasant aroma without being floral or clinical. 

Golden Emollient was originally created to be a night time heavier face cream, until we realized the excellent potential to help many skin issues. Because of the heavier body of GE, it takes a bit to rub it in, but the relief starts immediately. We've built a following of people who work hard & need relief from split fingertips, very sore hands due to extremely dry skin, outbreaks of eczema, discolored, bruised or blotchy thickened skin, and also blotchy, damaged thinning skin. GE allows your body to accept moisture & keep it which can help your skin recover from damage & begin to truly heal. This cream has been shown to be somewhat resistant to persistent handwashing & exposure to water as well, but is not weatherproof, waterproof or a sunscreen lotion. Please use a different product for those conditions. 

Golden Emollient is a delightfully rich, amazingly absorbable cream. Used as a face cream morning & night it can moisturize in a way in which your skin will gratefully accept it & thank you. There are no artificial ingredients - no detergents, thickeners, foaming agents, lightening agents, fillers, artificial preservatives. None of that. Just rich, beautifully fresh as well as aged oils mixed & blended to enhance their respective properties. This cream may be able to improve skin that is too thin, too thick, too dry or even some painful skin issues. 

We recommended USING the cream within three months once you have opened it.  Freshness is important for Golden Emollient as it is for most 100% natural products. If you want to store it for longer please refrigerate it. As with any product as it ages it can become more susceptible to contaminants so please use it or store it appropriately. With that in mind, Golden Emollient fresh out of the fridge on a hot Summer day is an absolute delight! You have to let your skin FEEL that. And a cool Golden Emollient massage on tired, dry Winter skin will always be a good way to spend an evening.

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Customer Reviews

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Love this product! You put in a sample of the Native oil, and it really works!!! I want la bottle!!!

Sharon Different
Living this product

I have problems finding skin care products that doesn’t break me out. This is perfect not one break out since using this . I will be coming back . Thank you

We're so glad this works for you. We know it can be frustrating & confusing finding the right skin care products. Using only pure & natural ingredients (locally grown whenever possible) in our products makes a big difference we think, at least it has for us & many people we know. Thank you so much for giving us a try!