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Epsom Salt Bath Soaks

Epsom Salt Bath Soaks

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Epsom Salts baths are amazing. We use them to relax overworked, tired muscles, decrease the inflammation & pain of arthritis, aid in healing sprains & bruises & they help ease the symptoms of fibromyalgia & cramps along with so many other  benefits to your body. Our Epsom Salt Bath Soaks have all of those great properties & more. We combine ours with great flowers, herbs & essential oils to provide even more nutrition to your mind & body. We recommend adding a nice handful of one of these blends to your very warm bath & soaking for at least 20 minutes for the most benefit. 

Choose the comfort of Wintergreen, the restful fragrance of Lavender or the warmth of Vanilla. Additional scents available seasonally.

All blends contain Epsom Salts

Wintergreen contains Spirulina Herb & Wintergreen Essential Oil 

Lavender contains Lavender Flowers, Elderberries & Lavender Essential Oil

Vanilla contains Milk Powder & Vanilla Essential Oil 

Apple & Rose are currently available as well.


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