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Buddy's Good Dog Herbal Paw Rub

Buddy's Good Dog Herbal Paw Rub

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Use this balm to soften, heal & protect your pet's feet. Rub onto pads to keep from peeling or cracking & to improve paw health. Can be used on broken skin if necessary. Soothes pads that walk on rough city pavement as well as the pads of dogs who work the tough terrain of the farm or ranch. Especially useful in dry, cold weather & for dogs who love to run!

Full of skin loving & healing calendula this balm is made with nourishing coconut & olive oils, which are both hydrating & soothing. Wax is a natural protectant & also helps to smooth our dogs pads. Works for  the rough, tough, workin' dogs & also keeps our dainty princess' manicure looking fresh!

Safe & effective for most dogs. As always, follow the medical advice of your veterinarian & avoid using products that are harmful to you or your pet's health. 

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