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Brawny Beard Balm

Brawny Beard Balm

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When facial hair starts to be a whole 'nother thing, it's time to bring in the master! Brawny Beard Balm not only corrals those whiskers, it conditions & moisturizes too. Known to be a great excuse for men to take care of their skin in this DRY, SUNNY Colorado country, our BBB is full of good stuff to make that facial hair BEHAVE!

We use our super hydrating Brawny Beard Oil as a base for our balms & waxes, then we heap on the conditioners, wranglers & tamers!

Contains Almond, Pumpkin & Argan Oils, Nilotica, Cacoa Butter, Beeswax, Rosehip, Raspberry, Cedarwood, Orange & Tea Tree

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