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Raw Clarifying Face Wash with African Black Soap

Raw Clarifying Face Wash with African Black Soap

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RAW is our own recipe of an African Black Soap face wash. This face wash is a deep cleansing, pampering formula that can help to balance skin pH & also help decrease redness & irritation. This exfoliating blend can help unclog pores to tackle the symptoms of acne, reduce blackheads, ease the skin eruptions of eczema & minimize the appearance of scarring. This powerful yet gentle blend helps to energize & clarify ashy, dull or pitted skin. It also helps alleviate fine lines, as it enriches your skin, providing nutrition to help to replenish & hydrate. Our blend is anti bacterial, anti fungal & full of beneficial antioxidants which may help skin resist & repair damage caused by free radicals. Used regularly as part of your skincare routine you should see better skin condition, texture & tone shortly.

Remember to moisturize even if you have acne prone skin & also to wear sunscreen as needed.

Contains a blend of African Black Soap from Ghana & Turmeric


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