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Our Toning & Tightening, Moisturizing 12 in One Face Cream

Our Toning & Tightening, Moisturizing 12 in One Face Cream

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With pumpkin oil & niacinamide, our 12 in One Face Cream is rich in minerals, vitamins & Omega-3 fatty acids. This lightly scented cream may also help expel toxins & condition acne-prone skin, help to reduce wrinkles & it may lighten dark spots.

With skin loving Vitamins C & A, this cream may help in the production of collagen which can firm & tone the skin. Pumpkin is also one of the best ingredients for helping your skin retain water, which helps with moisturizing & toning, too. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are known to improve the texture of skin, help to regulate oil production, & improve dry, itchy & flaky skin. 

This face cream can help lift & expel dead skin cells revealing younger, more moisturized "glowing" skin that makes us all feel like Marilyn in her best light. Iykyk.

Smooth to the touch, use this cream at least once a day to help discover your best skin.

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