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Body Lotion with Magnesium

Body Lotion with Magnesium

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We craft this Body Lotion with our Magnesium Oil as a base which gives you another way to get much needed magnesium into your body. Magnesium supplements may work for some, but as a rule most of us are not able to properly absorb that type of magnesium. To get the best magnesium for your body try a topical application on those sore muscles & dry skin. Just use this as you would any lotion. Magnesium of this type and concentration won't burn your skin as some magnesium can & with the added moisturizing oils & herbal constituents, this lotion will certainly help nourish & protect your skin against the dry winds & hot sun of the Colorado Western Slope.

Available in four formulas to nourish the skin you're in. 

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