About Us

About Us

smittyslittlefarm was created by mother & daughter team Colleen (me) & Jennifer. "Smitty" from smittyslittlefarm refers to Colleen's dad & Jen's grandpa. Smitty was a colorful character & a heck of a story teller. He toured the Great Plains Region, Desert Southwest and Rocky Mountain West presenting another version of history (in full costume, approved by the Sioux Council in South Dakota) that told the story of the Native Americans of the Plains from their point of view once Europeans came to America. Of course that was pretty controversial stuff in the 1960's. Smitty's flair for showmanship was only topped by his love of all things natural, native & useful. Because of this & the fact that his wife, my mother, Elaine was a penny pincher & could whip up anything you needed out of that tiny kitchen of hers, we became the people that other people called on when they needed a remedy or a recipe. 
After moving to the high country in 1985 it became apparent that getting to the grocery store was sometimes more of a challenge than was warranted. That's when making our own health, bath & beauty products became more of a necessity & not just a fun hobby.
Jen is the mad scientist-in-residence (kidding!...probably) & Colleen does most of the growing & marketing.
So that's who we are & what we do.

Please read all the disclaimers & warnings because many powers that be would like to negate all things herbal & will insist on telling you that plants & herbs can't possibly make a difference in your life. They're wrong. Gaining balance, control & choosing to live more naturally is a choice. While modern herbalism can't cure everything, I believe it's been proven that Western medicine has some limitations as well. 

If we start wherever we can start to do the things that our bodies are asking us to do, & if we choose to make a healthier choice sometimes, then that's a step in the right direction. Our natural products are one more step toward that goal.

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